Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Something New - owww

So I joined the fitness center at work and after having a fitness assessment, had a workout designed by one of their trainers. I went yesterday morning at 7 to learn the circuit. Included- squats with 20 lb dumbbell, reverse lunges, 45 lb chest press, 60 lb lat pull downs, another machine and then a couple of exercises with a stability ball. I was sore when I left and walked to work- no match for this morning.



Do you know how painful it is to get up/sit down/stairs when your thigh muscles are tight/sore/screaming?

May go tomorrow just for a little cardio. Don't know if I can do a squat or reverse lunge yet. Can do the rest of the circuit though.

Scored at Old Navy- yoga capris, 2 sports bras and a black T to supplement my current supply of workout clothes- I am looking forward to seeing if I can fit in a workout tomorrow!

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