Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I need to vent a moment..... if you don't like what I have to say- too bad, stop reading this now.

There are some folks in my family that are polar opposites politically than I, and for the last several months, they have been posting ultra conservative views/ opinions ad nausium.

I have finally reached my tolerance limit. We are all welcome to our own particular political views, and I understand that we will never see eye to eye on ANYTHING political.

But I am sick and tired of it all. Between all of the political posts, attack ads, the landslide of attack mailers, and the most unwelcome phone calls from Linda McMahon's campaign (I am a registered Dem, NO I will not vote for you, NO I will not stump for you, NO I will not call around and convince my neighbors to vote for you) I have had it up to HERE.

I got pissed off and stopped biting my tongue today. While I made sure to respond in a way that would not invite/inflame arguments on FB, I could not stomach any more. I know you don't care for our incumbent president, but show some f'ing respect.

I am looking forward to next Wednesday (11/7) more and more. What ever way the polls and the electoral votes fall, the battles and attack ads will be DONE. I hope to god the same will follow suit on a certain social media site. Come next Wednesday, maybe we can end the madness that has been this ugly election season.

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