Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Does anyone have a fan???

I have been in home office for over a year now.... today was my first fire drill in the city. A field trip if you will for several hundred business folks in the city. This was the first drill I have participated in where streets are blocked off by the city's finest- its a good thing otherwise we would be playing a giant game of Frogger. Only one of the buildings had the drill today and easily we had 300-400 people+. In the other offices I worked in the firemen would occasionally come up, but we were contained to business parks- our evac areas were self contained to company property. In the city, all of our evac sites are company property, but we have some busy streets bisecting the areas.

The drill is a yearly exercise apprently, but the timing today left alot to be desired - 100 degree day with high humidity. While we were waiting for the ok to go back we heard sirens... and they pulled in the parking lot we were in. Yup, one of our own succumbed to the heat (or so we can assume). As we got the ok to head back, we saw a firetruck, ambulance and multiple security folks around someone on the ground holding a black umbrella.

As we trooped back into the building, we saw some other folks having issues with the heat and weather. Did I mention it was only about 10 am?? I can only imagine how we looked to those on Asylum today :)

It was almost pleasant out under the tree today!

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