Sunday, February 26, 2012


This weekend I relived a bit of my childhood. Growing up, occasionally my mom would surprise my brother and I and say- pack a bag, we are going away tonight. We would usually go to Massachusetts or Vermont, somewhere fairly local, but it was fun all the same. Going away to spend a night in a hotel, maybe swimming, staying up late watching tv on the beds...

I loved those little trips. We did the same for my niece this weekend- we even stayed in state (she is still a bit young for a long car ride after a day at school. We went to a fun restaurant for dinner, went swimming in the pool before dinner and then again after breakfast before packing up to head out. What made it even a little more fun was that there was snow on the ground as we were splashing around.

It was a fun little trip, something I hope we do again. Everyone should have a chance for an imprompteu adventure.

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