Thursday, September 2, 2010

I see spots

Fair warning- I got a little wordy

Every thursday since the start of the year I have been meeting my step mom and going for walks after work- inside or outside depending on the weather. Anyway earlier in the summer, I started riding my bike again ( maybe I should mention that it has been YEARS) since I rode. Can you say PAIN? The first ride was not so hot.

Fast forward 2 months. We decided to take a ride today in Farmington. My brother & niece came along for the ride. While I bring yoga capris and a tank to change into at work, I wasn't quite thinking it was going to be as hot as it was... Mid 90's and humid. We had an ambitious goal- riding from Farmington to Avon (Rte 44) and back. We came about a mile from that the first couple of rides. However the last 1/2 mile or so to Rte 44 severly kicked my ass. It is a decent hill that sneaks up on you. I down shifted to get the easier gears, but I was puffin. I made it to the top and we went down the hill towards the tunnel under 44. The tunnel was going to be our turn around point - Munchkin loves going thru tunnels. Well, on the other side of this lies a couple of benches & a picnic table. The other 2 kept on riding, but I needed a break. Got off the bike- wobbled a minute and sat on the bench, also thought it would be a good time to grab a drink of water. A couple of minutes passed & they came back, Patty was worried I fell- I said instead I just needed to recharge.

After we hopped back on the bikes, I powered up the hill on the other side of the tunnel. Well, I started to any way. My burst of energy was very fleeting, another damn hill. Got to the top of the biggest hill and had the pleasure of zooming down. At the bottom of the hill we have to cross a fairly busy road, but a break in the momentum was not appreciated. Why do you ask? Well, there is an itty bitty incline on the other side and I felt like I slammed into a mountain- 0 energy and the group was getting further and further ahead. I checked my mirror and noticed an ambulance behind me- (had a fleeting thought that someone called it for me- lol). I met up with the other 2 in the parking lot for the trail and said, "I'm spent". We decided to push on (plus we were still several miles away from the cars). We advanced to one of the 4 road crossings on the way back and as I rode up, Patty was giving my brother the keys to the car- he was going to head onto the car & give munchin a chance to get out of the carrier. Patty was going to ride back with me.

We went slower, and I kept telling myself that if it became too much, they could come back & pick me up. We chatted & rode, stopped for a couple of minutes where I went from bike to bench- for more water & to gather more oom ph. Before I knew it we were back to the parking lot. I got off the bike and walked it to the back of the car. Then the fun began.

My first inkling that I way over did it was the slightly woozy feeling- walked over to the bench & went PLOP- sat very heavily on the bench. Sipped my water, I knew guzzling it would not be good. Decided sitting straight up wasn't working so I leaned over- much better. A couple of minutes later I sat up- still woozy but I thought a bit better, but was apparently just waiting for woozy's cousin nausea to get there. Oh holy crap I felt shitty real fast. I almost wanted to get sick, just to make it go away. I was panicking at the thought of getting in the car & driving while feeling like this, so I knew I was going to stay there a bit. All the sudden sitting up was NOT good. I stretched out on the bench with my eyes closed & focused on just breathing & praying for a breeze to cool me down. Opened my eyes after a few minutes & saw little itty bitty dots in the sky- nope not back to normal yet. After about 5 minutes more I slowly got up and started walking around- slow, but progress. Finally, felt better. I felt bad that I didn't help load up the 3 bikes, but I knew I was in no condition to help.

As soon as I got home, a cool shower called- wonderful feeling. Now I am just really tired!

Ended up riding 9 miles in about an hour and 15 minutes in 90+ degree heat. I am spent, but so happy that the butt doesn't hurt!

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