Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Plans

In no particular order

-oil change & checking to see when they can replace my belts- I don't like to drive the incredible screeching car in the cold.... baby does not care for cold weather. Hope the bill won't be too bad. My wallet can't take a large bill.

- cleanup

-LAUNDRY so I have warm clothes for the weekend

- starting my year end assessment that's due on Tues.... nothing like procrastinating!

-getting ready for the cookie swap at work. 10 dozen cookies to be made by Mon night.... finally decided on spritz cookies ( really hope the cookie press works this time).

- shenanigans & fun w/ friends @ chele's holiday party

- FINALLY getting to see New Moon (one of the only ones yet to see it)

- getting a general packing list together- leaving for Newport RI on Wed hopefully for a few days away.

- shopping- only have 1/2 my presents purchased.

All of that in 48 hrs, ambitious!!

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